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James Alton


   Thanks for the information.  Do you know the current whereabouts of the 53 named Morning Dove?   The last general position report for the 46’ Maramu named Morning Dove was in the area of the report.

   I  sent the email to Bill Rouse since I know that he tends to monitor the Yahoo Groups site and would like to correct any errors. 

News:  Bill just posted that the apparent confusion is due to the owner  (Bruce) of the Maramu 46 providing listing his boat as a Super Maramu.

Need to get back to work.  Sad loss regardless.



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Mr. Alton, the information on MORNING DOVE was forwarded to me by Bill Kinney, a customer and now friend who recently purchased a Super Maramu 53 called HARMONIE from me. Bill on Bebe had nothing to do with this sequence. I sold MORNING DOVE to the original owner who kept the boat in Door County Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. I later sold it to Howard and Mary Chamberlain who renamed it MORNING DOVE. Coincidentally, the Chamberlains previously owned the first Maramu sold to Americans in 1982. That boat was called Independence and I sold it several times but have lost track of it. Anyone out there own a 1982 Maramu that was previously called Independence? I should have connected the name with the Amel Maramu, but I have also sold a 53 Amel called MORNING DOVE. 

Howard and Mary sold the MORNING DOVE to the current owner , I believe, who had the misfortune of losing her recently. Glad nobody was hurt. Sad end to a great boat.


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Bill and Joel,


   It appear s that there may be some confusion.  I believe that SV Morning Dove is a Maramu 46,  not a SM.   Do search on You Tube,  Bruce has a number of videos of his travels on Morning Dove.  He was also last reported in the Marquesas.   Very sad.



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