Re: 24V/230V Inverter

We wanted an "as factory" installation so we went with the Xantrex PROsine 1800 on #350, on the advice of Bill who has the same model as a factory installation on #387.

Our installation consists of the 806-1884 model (hardwire with transfer relay) plus the remote interface panel 808-1800.  The inverter is installed horizontally in the engine room.  You then remove its LCD panel/switch and install it inside the main cabin (it connects back to the inverter via a flat telephone wire); and put the remote interface panel on the inverter itself.  This way you have two device switches: one on the inverter (with no display) and one inside the cabin (with display).  The inverter is quiet but it does produce a modest buzz, unaudible outside the engine room.   Our installation is 2.5 years old.

We considered the Mastervolt combi charger/inverter, but the one suitable for us would have been the 2500W version.  Our electrician did not recommend this alternative because of the thickness of the existing battery wires in the engine room.  While it is true that when charging at 100A the wires transmit 2500W, when inverting, the wires could transmit up to 5000W because inverters in this range will put out up to double their rate for up to 30 seconds.

Out of all the upgrades we've done on Peregrinus, this is definitively one we couldn't live without –there are so many 230V appliances on board, that the inverter gets turned on several times a day.

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