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  I have never heard of covering the air intake to reduce the cranking pressure but that is a great idea..I will remember that one.  My plan was remove the glow plugs, inject a bit of oil, then gently roll the engine over to insure it is free.  (I have bent a push rod on one engine that had been sitting a long time due to a stuck valve.)  Maybe add some fresh oil to help lube the top end.  Then if the engine is free, crank it over for long enough to get oil pressure with the glow plugs removed..and some rags over the holes. Reinstall the glow plugs and then try to start using freshwater since the boat is on the hard. All of this would need to be cleared by Michel of course.  Thanks for the input.


Yes, 24mm, as I recall, but suggest you simply crank the engine while holding the "stop" button so it won't start. This will be more effective in circulating lube oil than a slow hand turn. If you wish, you can also cover the air intake to reduce cranking force. Of course, don't crank too long with the sea water inlet open.
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99% sure it is 24mm.


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