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What you are both referring to is the C-drive. The transmission is that clunky thing between the C-drive and the motor which needs it own oil. The C-drive has a reservoir with a “fill line”. Eight liters is about right .

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Good evening Fabio,


first question: do you know how much oil you drained from the transmission?

The first Santorins, maybe up to n°40, had the first type of transmission, with aluminum housing. Could you post a picture of the upper part of the transmission?

This transmission holds probably less than 8 liters. However, filling the transmission with warm oil and moving the propeller by hand while filling will help you. ( patient...)

How do you warm up the oil? Put it in black jerrycans in the sunlight.


Your old mechanic is right: don't fill up the reservoir, but only up to the first third. The oil needs to expand.

The oil will never get warmer than 70°C because the lower part in constantly cooled with seawater. So no problem with the temperature.


Bon courage.




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Hello everybody,


I'm in troubles as I drained the oil from the transmission to change it and I'm not able anymore to fill the trasmission with the 8 kgs 15W 40 diesel oil as prescribed.

I started to put the oil and after approx. 3,5kgs the oil didn't go down. Trasmission cube is full of oil but do not go down...I tried to take out again the drainage nut on the keel nearby the propeller thinking about a possible air bubble but the oil was caming out in very small quantity and very slowly.

Is there some trick I do not know?

And also, an old experienced mechanics told me that is a mistake to keep oil in the plastic in place in the upper reservoir above the transmission should not contain oil but should only serve as an expansion vessel for collecting the excess oil which heats up and expands might make working pressure causing the transmission in high and harmful temperatures.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


s/y Italica - Santorin #28 1991


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