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SV Perigee

Hi all,

As a prospective AMEL owner (hopefully not too long now), I can vouch for all that has been said - potential buyers are active searching every forum, sometime for years before 'going public'.  But I can also say that, with all this research, and some carefully placed questions, the vast amount of diverse information available to all with the aid of modern communications (the interweb), means also that occasional and often exploratory comments explicit mostly measured and valuably detailed response from those qualified to do so.  I think that the end result is that potential buyers can be extremely well informed in approaching their decision to buy.  This of course applies to all makes and models, but I think that the AMEL forums in their various guises, backed by owners and others with understanding and insights beyond normal, and prepared to share and contribute to an active dialogue, between them constitute a unique resource, and the diversity of opinion and information provided in no way diminishes the potential value an AMEL; to the contrary actually, in my opinion.

Please keep it up.

Yours aye,

(not yet an AMEL owner, but . . . )

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Me too !
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The questions were posted from a someone who is not an Amel owner, and does not understand Amels. In fact he joined our group to learn more. The original posting from him was an honest question and he received numerous answers.
The problem I had with the thread is that the original poster continued the thread with "what ifs" and even suggestions of design changes.
I believe you understand.
It was a non-issue to begin with.
Fortunately this non-owner and member of the group joined our group to learn more about Amels and possibly buy one someday. This has happened more times than I can count. It normally is beneficial to everyone. I think this thread got out of hand and some of us contributed.
We have to remember that everything we write here is searchable by Google searches. Parts of that thread theorized negatively about Amel designs. The theory was unfounded, but when read by a novice, a novice may believe that "Amel Owners" are not satisfied and are redesigning...also unfounded and not true.
I love my Amel bow thruster!
Bill Rouse
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I really do not understand all the comments about a leaking bow thruster. As you said if the bow thruster is correctly maintained it will not leak. We left Santa Marta Colombia for Guadeloupe. We spent 11 days beating in 35- 45 knots gusting over 50.
When we got to Guadeloupe, not a drop of water in the bilge.
Kimberlites bilge is as dry as the day they delivered her in 2002.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376
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Hi Francisco and it always makes me happy to know you and Odette are really enjoying the cruising lifestyle on your beautiful PEREGRINUS. It does not seem like 3 ½ years since I sold her to you. Time goes faster for me with each year left behind, but life is good.
It’s blowing 15 MPH here in Lake Placid (Florida) so I am filling a sports cup with an adult beverage and going out to sail my Laser until sunset. The best way to get exercise, and sore!
All The Best To You Both, Joel   
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Hi Joel !
Our bow thruster has been rock-solid reliable since we bought Peregrinus 3.5 years ago.  
We got a few drops of water leakage from September 2012 to March 2014, but you sure told us that this was not normal in early 2014, so we got the seals replaced again, and we've been leak free, as in zero drops, for over two years now.
SM2K No. 350 / 2002
Docked at Port Vendres (Languedoc-Rousillon) 

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