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James Alton


   I read a bit about the extensive refit you did on Eleuthera,  a very deserving vessel to apply money and labour to.  I hope that she gives you many carefree years and miles.  I will have plenty to do on the boat I am planning to buy but I figure that working on the boat is a great way to get to know the systems.  



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Hello Lokiyawl,

Indeed, Eleuthera is hull 7.  The ID plate states #07… I took the liberty to add the extra 0… I guess Amel did not expect to sell more than 100 SM’s so their numbering ended at 100.

Eleuthera has been revisited from stem to stern; we are probably more up to date than the newest SM2K… :-)

Eleuthera, SM 007

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   Thanks for your input on Michel, I have yet to hear anything at all negative about him.  Congratulations on that beautiful 54 Amel.  James

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I also bought my boat through Michel Charpentier - an Amel 54 I bought in 2012. Michel was/is the best broker I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended - and to confirm  he knows a LOT about Amels.

Tony Robinson.

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hi James,

I do not know the boat you are interested in, but I do know Michel Charpentier. I have bought an Amel Sharki from him last year. He is a good and trustworthy guy. He knows a lot about Amel in all the details, being specialised to sell used Amel boats.
I am happy with the boat I have bought from him.

Volker, Sharki no. 176

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