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john martin <symoondog@...>

Bill, I wouldn't even think about putting a 153% genoa on your Amel. The boat sails just fine with a much smaller headsail. I personally think a 135% would be a great cruising sail. With the larger sail you have a reef in it most of the time anyway. Buying a larger sail then you usually use is not cost effective. Also the smaller sail has a much higher cut then the big one allowing you to see under the sail. Peter Grimm sailmaker in Ft.Lauderdale made me a 110% genny for the Caribbean winds and I.v'e had it on ever since. We just sailed from Turks and Caicos to Panama,900 miles, and sometimes we even had to reef the 110%. I lose some speed going to weather in light air,but when I ease sheets the boat really flies. I think the big genny gets partially blocked by the main when you are off the wind. Anyhow my SM goes as fast as I want to go, or as fast as the seas will let me go. I did 197 miles in one day in the Caribbean. john
"Moondog" SM248

From: "btleonore" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] FOC replacement
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 21:31:51 -0000

Hi, I am considering buying a new FOC and have an old letter from Amel
stating that the size should be 153.8% Genoa. Does anyone know the
dimensions for that. Also would you install foam in the luff or not.
I do not think mine (SM72) has foam. Would you recommend Dacron and
any particular style. We are just a cruising boat so nothing fancy is
wanted. By looking at the Amel diagrams that came with the boat, it
appears that the luff is 17.1m, leach 16.15m and foot 9m. Does this
comport with what I am looking for? Thanks for your input.
Bill on Leonore of Sark.
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