Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bilge pump service

Craig Briggs

Your technique of using the manual pump to clear "muck" is a good
one that works well for me.
Priming used to be an issue, but that "joker" valve in the "strum"
box,(rubber thingy with three star points facing up, like the valve
in your toilet discharge line) is meant to keep the suction hose
filled with water, so no priming issue.
Sounds like your "joker" valve is missing or old and crusty - mine
was gone and I just happened to spot a new strum box that had the
joker included - voila! problem solved.
Craig Briggs - Santorin #68

--- In, Robin Cooter
<robincooter@...> wrote:
A problem that I have experienced after having manually pumped the
bilge - the manual hose goes lower than the electric hose so I can
clear some of the muck that accumulates, however careful you are, at
the bottom of the bilge - the electric pump can't self prime
itself. ...>

Robin Cooter.
Santorin 004

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