Mast ( Main & Mizzen ) Fore / Aft Tuning

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This is mainly directed to Olivier Beaute as it relates to Amel's initial tuning of the masts angle to the boat in the fore/aft direction.   I am in the process of tweaking the tuning done to my standing rigging when I had professional riggers place the new ACMO rigging about 18 months ago now.  My main mast isn't quite straight fore and aft and in fact has a bit of an "S" curve in it.  I plan on adjusting this.  I can measure the side to side straightness by assuring that the mast-top to toenail distance is the same on each side, However, Olivier, how did Amel know when the mast was vertical relative to the step of the mast on the deck when they originally rigged the boat.  Since the deck fore and aft isn't symmetrical I can't quite conjure up a method for assuring that the masts are vertical to their step plate since it is such a small surface area.  The only thing I can think of is to place a straight edge fore and aft across the step plate molded into the fiberglass then actually measuring the angle to assure it is 90 degrees.  Did Amel have a better way, perhaps a measurement from some point on the bow to the mast-top for the main and something similar for the mizzen?  

Thanks for any input you might have.


Gary S. Silver  (original owner and the guy you patiently tutored both myself and my family when we took ownership in 2001)

s/v Liahona  Amel SM #335

Puerto Del Rey,  Puerto Rico 

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