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Hi Gary you might think about using a laser. Using one of the halyards pulled tight. Shot up the line to check it. Just a thought. Of course I'd also sort of follow the AMEL setup too. 

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Gary, I would not expect the mast step to be level, as there is little chance that any boat , sitting in the water is level, due to the allocation of items stored on the boat. I think what you would want to determine is , that the mast is at a right angle, or 90 degrees relative to the mast step. If you ran a thin line from the center of the mast head (fore to aft) to the center of the mast, at the step, pulling the line very tight .Then take a carpenters framing square with the short side resting on the mast step you could determine if the line is parallel to the square along its vertical leg. The line would also show you if the mast is in column ( straight) . If you could extend the long ( vertical ) leg of the square with a straight edge , such as a six ft. level it would give an even more accurate ,easier to read determination that you have a right angle. If the line is running , lets say 1/16 inch from the end of the square two feet up from mast step you could do the math and determine how far the mast is aft or forward of step.
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If the mast step is level fore-and-aft (big if, need to measure with a level) then wouldn't a plumb line from the top of the mast should show verticality/alignment of the mast with the mast step and even highlight any S-bend?


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