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Good question. I do not know the answer because the Plexiglass supplier I used to cut the pieces chose the paint. He did an exact job predrilling all of the holes which matched up exactly.

I can see a few tiny places where he used too much sealant to secure the foam gasket for the port side opening windshield. Take care with the use of sealant on the gasket. Possibly if you can use your router to cut a slightly smaller slot for the gasket, you will not need to use sealant. My guess is this is how Amel did it. Try with some scraps of plexiglass before you decide.

I believe that the paint us an important part of making this look good. I used gray tinted plexiglass. Through the plexiglass the white paint he used looks gray. Probably should have used black paint, but white looks OK. 

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I am replacing the perspex windows on my fixed wind screen. On removal of the old ones it was observed that the edges of the windows were painted to hide the sealant when in position. Can any one tell me what sort of paint was used for this job and how the perspex was treated prior to painting to allow maximum adhesion.

I believe there has been a thread on this subject before but for the life of me I cant find it, perhaps someone has the message number?

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