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That’s from the pen of Rob Warren, the owner of Costal  Climate Control. I don’t own shares in his business. He is not my brother in law. He is ‘The Real deal’ and he forgot more about the things he chooses to blog about than most of us will ever know. Seriously, Rob is a soft spoken, modest man who does as he promises and does it right. His recommendations to me and my clients have always been spot on and even his competitors say good things about him. Here’s an example of my experiences with Rob. He was manning a booth at a boat show I had the Amel 55 displaying in. I had a small problem with my Clima air conditioner. He was there in ten minutes and climbed into the engine room and didn’t come out until a few hours later after all was made right. He was absolutely drenched with sweat and looking  worse than fire hosed. It proved to me that he cares more about his customers than anything else. Visit the website and take a look at Robs advice in the blogs and product representations. He knows of what he speaks. Why this shameless plug? Easy. I like to keep good people happily in business so they can take good care of my clients now and in the future. You will be pleased with everyone who works at Costal Climate Control. Great people all.  


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This link will take you to a really great article on Frigoboat compressors. I really liked how plain-spoken and direct the writer is in this informative article.

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