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James Alton


   One of my dreams has been to fly an STOL across the back country of Canada as a group.  Landing on river banks and camping along the way.  There are numerous videos on you tube of others doing this.  I haven’t landed a powered plane short but I have safely put a sailplane into 1/2 of a hang glider field at LMFP that was small enough that a lot of hang glider pilots could get in there. (grin)  There are some really interesting comparisons between soaring and sailing.

  Thanks again for all of your help with my questions about the Amel models.  If all goes well I should be an owner a week from now.



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Pretty cool… once landed a Twin Otter across a 200 foot wide runway and managed to only use one half of the width… the wind was blowing a steady 50 knots across the runway.

On the other hand, I used 12000 plus feet of a LONG runway to takeoff with a Boeing 747-400 freighter… you do wonder what this invasive cloth is doing up your back 40… its your underwear being swallowed up!  :-)

Jean-Pierre Germain
Eleuthera, SM 007

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I just saw this and know some of you are pilots. I thought you would enjoy this.
Fair Winds

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