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My Maramu is in Australia. It's such a shame it's so hard to get up the Red Sea these days otherwise that is where we would be heading to the Med. I did it in 1995 and 1998 when it was nerve wracking but not too dangerous. Would never do it now but very fortunate to have got there then.


Spartivento is the cape on the southern end of Sardinia. I've sailed from Sicily to Ibiza and Sicily to Antibes and both times had terrible weather south of Sardinia in the middle of summer. With my young kids we also sailed along the Italian coast to places like Capri, Ischia, Pompeii, Rome, and along the French Med coast to Marseille and it was fantastic. Generally lighter summer winds and only really the need to watch out more when crossing from Corsica to France. But the main area we want to return to is Corsica and Sardinia.


Avon make a rigid 10ft dinghy that folds flat (my brother has one and it's good) which would work, but otherwise I think the space is a bit small. I have a 10ft rigid inflatable that I put upside down on the foredeck. It is pretty easy to get it on and off with the spinnaker halyard and fits upside down with the bow on the anchor winch. An advantage is it acts as a wind scoop and the front cabin hatch can be left open at night if it starts raining. I also have an 8ft Walker Bay which does fit on the aft cabin deck. We don't usually carry both but the Walker Bay with a sail kit is good for the kids and the rib with 15hp yamaha is good when long dinghy trips are needed (but in Europe it is hard to get a 2 stroke and engine weight is an issue if you are regularly taking the engine on and off). The standard Maramu dinghy engine davit doesn't look strong enough for a 15hp. My dinghy of choice in the Med is a small rowable fold up one with a small engine. I think a large valuable dinghy where you don't really need it can be a bit of liability, at least if you want to spend lots of time ashore exploring. I also have a small Zodiac with a 3 hp engine. It is super easy to lift the outboard up on the engine davit and just haul the dinghy by hand over the guardrail and sit it on top of the back cabin, and for long trips deflate it and stow it in the bow deck locker.


Cheers, John, Popeye, Maramu #91, 1981



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   Where is your Maramu now?  It sounds like you really had a great time cruising the Med. I never realized just how large of a body of water it encompasses,  I can imagine being able to spend many more than the 2 and possibly 3 seasons that we are thinking of.  

   I didn’t find and references of Spartivento and wind but I have read about the Sirocco.   Quite a few sailors have told me that if a wind has a name, that is not a good sign!  (grin)

   John, I am wondering what size dinghy I would be able to store on the aft cabin top of my Maramu.  Would a 10’ Avon hard bottom fit?  I would really prefer to not have to store on the foredeck if I can avoid it.



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I love that area. I have fantastic memories of Ustica and the Aeolian Islands. I wish my Maramu was in Sardinia! 


As a way to head west I've done the trip twice up the Red Sea as far as UK. Once across the south of Sardinia (I'm pretty sure Spartivento means very windy!) and also up the coast of Italy and France. From Sicily via the Italian coast to Elba then Corsica and then Monaco and westward was easy coast hopping by comparison but we did miss out on Sardinia so have to go back! But the south of France was also a much better cruising area than we expected.


John, Popeye, Maramu #91

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