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James Alton


   It does sound like the broken haylard has taken a wrap around something inside the mast.  I am guessing that you have applied a bit of force and found that it is not moving, so a straight line pull is possibly tightening the jam.   If there is room to do so,  consider feeding a semi rigid (use something slippery like polyethylene if possible)  pc. of tubing inside the mast.  Ideally you would run the tail of the halyard through the tubing so that it would follow right up to the jammed spot and make the line/tubing combo semi rigid.  This would allow you to alternately push and pull on the line..maybe enough to free it.  If there is not room to run the line inside of the tubing perhaps use a different entry hole in the mast and a loop attached to the tubing that the halyard ran through. The loop would act as a guide to bring the tubing again up to the jammed spot.  I would make sure that whatever you put in there is good and secure so that it cannot come loose.  

   If this fails, consider removing any hardware in the jammed area that would allow you to insert a boroscope and get a look at what the problem is.

  I agree, the fish hook idea sounds a little risky to me.

Best of luck!


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This is very interesting, but:


How do you know what you will hook using a fishing hook inside the mast? What do you do if you hook the wrong thing? It is hooked!


How were you able to tie a messenger to the halyard inside the mast? I thought the halyard had dropped and fouled inside the mast.

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Hi if you have a good size fish hook fish it out using very heavy line or a very strong leader attached to a 1/4 line set the hook and boat the halyard. Good luck. 

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During a storm at night I furled the jib not having earlier in the day noticed that a crewmember had secured the ballooner halyard without retrieving the dehooker, leaving the halyard in place on the swivel. The furling motor is plenty strong and the halyard parted at the top and fell inside the mast. The line is now fouled inside the mast and cannot be pulled down and out.  We have sent a messenger down inside the mast, tied it to the halyard and tried to pull the halyard line back up to reverse the direction of pull. Still fouled. Based upon the amount of halyard that is free both pulling up and pulling down, the foul point seems to be about at the lower spreader height. 


Does anyone know what is inside the mast that could foul a falling line? Is there perhaps a compression strut athwartships inside the mast bracing the thrust of the spreaders that t he halyard may be hanging on? Any suggestions?



Mike Ondra

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