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Steve Leeds


My original AMEL Genoa, which I believe was 135%, had a foam luff retrofitted
by a previous owner. The sail worked well, but was very heavy. I
also have a 110% Genoa (also purchased by the previous owner), which I used
briefly in the Caribbean. I often found that the boat was underpowered
with this sail and I put up the original 135% Genoa in Trinidad, and it left up
for the rest of our circumnavigation. I have never used the 110
again. When I replaced our worn out old Genoa (Sails Specialty Ltd in
Auckland, New Zealand) I was told that the foam luff was not recommended as the
foam compresses over time and becomes less effective. Rather, a piece of
tapered line was used instead of foam (a feature I have since seen on many
other sails. They also eliminated the multiple layers of filler material
used in the clew (used to allow use of a pressed ring) by using a sewn in ā€œDā€
ring (reinforced with webbing). This
feature also reduced the weight of the new sail and allowed for a better
shape. I installed this new sail upon
arriving back in the Caribbean. It was cut the same size as the original
AMEL Genoa and is conventional Dacron of the same weight cloth. We have since
used this sail for a day reaching in steady 45 knots from the beam (reefed) and
for a rough three day beat up into the Gulf of Mexico from the Yucatan Channel
along with all the normally great Caribbean sailing with no problems (or
regrets). I find I can point closer to the wind with this new sail
(perhaps just a result of having a new sail) and sail much faster in light
wind. The reduced weight makes handling
this sail on deck much easier and of course, reduces weight aloft.

Steve Leeds


AMEL Sharki #121

Circumnavigator's Yacht Service

Fort Lauderdale, Fl

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] FOC replacement

Hi, I am
considering buying a new FOC and have an old letter from Amel

stating that the size should be 153.8% Genoa. Does anyone know the

dimensions for that. Also would you install foam in the luff or not.

I do not think mine (SM72) has foam. Would you recommend Dacron and

any particular style. We are just a cruising boat so nothing fancy is

wanted. By looking at the Amel diagrams that came with the boat, it

appears that the luff is 17.1m, leach 16.15m and foot 9m. Does this

comport with what I am looking for? Thanks for your input.

Bill on Leonore of Sark.

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