Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Recruiting Your Latest Thoughts on Interior Lights

James Alton


   I have tested a number of 2 conductor bayonet LED bulbs designed to fit the older style lights and found a lot of them that I didn’t like.  I was very impressed however with the Marinebeam 300 lumen 3000K units that have a nice colour and are quite bright.  I am completely converting my current boat with them.

  This does not solve your need for a red light but I note that Marine Beam also sells some of those but I have no experience with them.  I have not had good luck with the G4 type sockets on customer boats so have avoided them myself.  The Marine Beam stuff is not the cheapest but they seem to do a good job of really sealing up the electronics, especially on their running lights.

Best of luck,


On May 17, 2016, at 1:17 PM, greatketch@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

On our boat (SM #160) the installed cabin dome lights are single bulb G4 fixtures that have been converted to Dr LED bulbs.

There are two big problems from our perspective.  First there is NO provision for red lights for night vision protection, and the white LEDs are not nearly bright enough for our tastes.

Before pulling the trigger on converting saloon and galley to Alpenglow lamps, which I have great experience with, ( I am wondering if anybody has other suggestions for adding red bulbs, and bright (9 Watt/600 lumen) high CRI white LED?

Bill Kinney
Harmonie SM #160
Port Canaveral, Florida.

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