SM Grounding Fault

Ian Shepherd <ocean53@...>

Those of you with late model Super Maramu 2000's will have a test switch
located left of the companionway steps to check if there is a grounding
fault. I have in the past had a fault when a leaking macerator pump seal
caused sea and earth ground to become connected.

I have again got a fault in the Masse - which means that sea and battery
ground are connected, but this time it is not the toilets that are causing
the trouble. It could be anywhere!

It started as an intermittent fault whilst sailing, then it went away for a
while, but now it is a permanent fault. I wonder if anyone else has had a
Masse - fault light appear where they traced the problem to? Any clues would
be helpful in what looks like a long and painful exercise in fault finding.
The fault remains with all circuit breakers tripped, but as the breakers
usually only break the positive wire, this is to be expected.

Ian Shepherd SM 399 'Crusader'

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