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antonio scipioni

Hi Olivier,
Thanks for your answer, I remember you sayd me in Canet to check the tension and the forestay, now I am reinstall all the new acmo rig and I don't understand how take out the old. I saw the delos video about and I understand I have to remove the furler (engine and gear) but how I can ?
I take out the rivets and the allens but the furler goes down some centimeters only and after he stop. The cable don't go up, I understand there are two bushing, but how I can remove ? In the furler down there is a plastic black cover, have I remove this ?
I send you some pics.

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Hello Antonio,

as I've seen your mast lying, I suppose your genoa furler with tube and forestay are lying too.
Once you have removed the turnbuckle, you have noticed that the forestay cannot go towards the top of the tube. This is because of a nylon bushing that is installed between the furler and the tube/pulley, around the forestay, just above the swage.
This bushing is made of two half-cylinders. To release this bushing, you need to remove the furler from the tube.
Then you have two solutions:
-undo the bolts at the base of the pulley (but very likely, the aluminum  pulley is seized on the furler's stainless steel hub)
-or remove the rivets that hold the pulley onto the tube
Then, you will get access to the famous bushing, remove it and move the forestay all the way to the top of the tube.

Feel free to ask if this is not clear.


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Hi owners,
I am changing the forestay but I can't understand how remove the old cable.
Is necessary remove the engine and the gearbox ?
Where I can find the instruction?
SN108 Vagabungo

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