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We did this the past year. First undo the 2 nuts on the cross member.
Undo the 4 bolts on the bottom of the unit. These are down by the 2 clamps holding the rubber on. The bolts are on the underside.
Next hit the side of the housing with a 5 lb sledge hammer
Next take a chisel and hammer and drive in between the part where the nuts came off the bottom. This takes some time, but eventually the seal is broken between the 2 pieces of metal. A couple of blows with the sledge also helps.
The shaft pulls out and is on a spline. The weight is approx 50 lbs. Pull straight up.
Attached is a schematic of the shaft from Amel.
I thinking you have already undone the hoses to the oil reservoir and this should lower most of the oil. One method of getting the majority of the oil out is undo one of the Allen key bolts slightly on the bottom and the oil drains out. This Allen bolt is one of 6-8 and comes out the side were the shaft is.

Paul LaFrance
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 10:42:54 -0700
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Removing C Drive

I'd appreciate some expert advice on removing the C drive. Last September there was good discussion where Kent and Olivier said to loosen the hose clamps on the BIG hose sealing the upper unit to the hull then lift the upper unit out of the boat. Then, after removing the bolt holding the lower unit to the keel, remove the lower unit by sliding it aft.

After removing the engine coupling, I've got the upper unit mounting bolts off and the hose clamps off but cannot get the upper unit to move at all. Am using hundreds of pounds of upward force from a halyard.
From the picture of the cut-away drive at the Amel office and the difficult-to-read picture of the schematic, I can't quite figure out the assembly of the vertical shaft. Is there a spline that should slip open? Could the three O rings on the vertical tube around the vertical shaft or marine junk in there be holding it?
Or, do I need to disassemble the upper unit, pull the upper drive shaft and then the vertical drive shaft (although there is a lower bevel gear that would seem to prevent removing the vertical shaft.

At the moment I cannot rotate the upper unit because it is still on the bolts of the mounts. I could unbolt the base of the mounts and then rotate the upper unit back and forth and maybe break it free. But that would only help if there is a spline that will allow the upper unit to be raised.

All help very much appreciated!

Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN#68, SANGARIS, on the hard in Ft Lauderdale

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