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My bilge pump stopped working because check valve on discharge line failed. I replied the check valve and there is no problem.

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Ours got rebuilt in Ft. Lauderdale in 2013 with an Amel-sourced new membrane, etc.  In 2014, in Maine, the plastic piston between the motor and the pump wore out, so we put in a new piston sourced from Amel.

We replaced the pump's intake hose in earliest 2015.  The new hose is "Shieldflex Marine" and it is Lloyd's-rated.

The pump failed in Ireland.  In La Rochelle, we had the pump serviced by an Amel factory technician.  It failed after three months.  I serviced it myself in Spain with Amel-sourced parts, and with the correct membrane side inside, per the label.  It worked, intermittently, about 80% of the time.

This week, we got a new TF Marine TM 50 pump.  "CE" and "Made in Italy," per the manufacturer's plate (*).   This pump is said to be the successor to the AMFA Marina pump, and in fact, it looks the same, except the metal piston structure+attachment frame on the old AMFA sat horizontal (the new pump's diaphragm in/out remain vertical), whereas that structure on the TM 50 is vertical once installed.  The heavy metal casing is therefore not the same and the mounting points are slightly different.   When we stopped at Amel in Hyéres they warned me of this upfront.  Amel call this "the 2nd version" of the old pump.

The tripod structure attaching the gearbox to the motor is not "similar": it is the exact same, as is the motor and motor casing itself.

The plastic diaphragm itself, formerly gray, is now black.  The screws holding its hemispheres have been replaced with bolts.  It is nearly identical, but you can tell it is a different moulding.  The major difference is that the transversal pin with the butterfly pin that ran horizontally across the pump is not there anymore; curiously enough, the lobes that the pin ran thru are there, but sit unused and undrilled.

Per the manufacturer's plate, the new pump is rated for 30 litres/min (7.9 gal/min).  The catalog states it will self-prime to 2.5 metres.   The plate reads it will pull water a maximum of 10 metres.

We had this pump installed by Karin Team (Amel specialists) in Saint-Raphäel.  We paid €720 for the pump itself, VAT included.

The plate reads: "Serv: 30 min", so if you get a hole in your boat, be sure to plug it in 29 minutes, just before your bilge pump quits!   ;-p


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(*) "Made in Italy" nowadays could mean almost anything.  AFAIK, most Prada or Gucci stuff, for example, is made in Turkey or China, shipped, and then they put a few stitches in Italy.  Or sew in a button.   It is therefore now "Made in Italy."

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