Re: Quantity of Polytrol (Penetrol) required to treat decks

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Hi Gary,

The deck painting is holding up fine. It's been just over one
year, and the boat was in Maine last summer. We're planning on
taking her south this coming winter, so we'll see. I applied another
coat of Polytrol last fall, and had to buy some Penetrol to finish,
as my Polytrol ran out. I found that Penetrol is not quite as easy
to apply as Polytrol (you need to wipe it off sooner), but the
results were similar. I used about half a quart can of
Polytrol/Penetrol for all the brown decks. Apply with a brush, wipe
off with a cloth after about 10 minutes. I did not try it on the
white decks, or other fiberglass areas. I think it would work fine
on the white non-skid. I would not try it on any glossy areas.
Re the deck painting, we were very happy with the striping
device. It went very quickly, and was easy to use. You'll also need
a small brush for corners and around cleats, etc. And keep a clean
cloth with solvent handy. We used one-part polyurethane paint, very
easy and durable. Black looks good, but will make your decks hotter
than they are now (with the faded gel coat stripes). I'm not sure
any dark color will be any different. Many years ago, Amel made some
Mangos and Maramus with white stripes to reduce deck heat, but they
looked a bit strange. The white stripes definitely cooled the decks,
Good luck,
Roy on Excalibur (SM #195)

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Hi Roy:

I just re-read your post on painting the deck stripes in
preparation to doing my decks. I have been able to
purchase some Penetrol (the US equivalent of Polytrol)
from Budget Marine in Antigua. How much did it take to
treat the decks? Did you also treat the white cabin tops?
If so how much did it take to do that? Do you use the
Polytrol on other areas of you fiberglass? Finally, how
is your re-striping job holding up, and would you do
anything differently in hind-sight?

Thanks for the follow-up.

Gary Silver, s/v Liahona SM 2000 Hull # 335
Jolly Harbor, Antigua

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