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The frequency change from 50htz to 60htz will cause an electric motor to run 20% faster. So the compressor, the water pump, and the fan are turning more RPMs. If the sealed system has too much freon and the compressor is running faster, I am guessing this could be a possibility that it worked fine on 50htz and pops a breaker at 60htz...that coupled with the fact that it is hotter now causing higher pressure (I think).

Has someone added freon?

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OK, I have checked the wiring of the adapter that goes from the Amel 230volt cable to the US 220 volt shore post, and it is appropriate, with no white wire, green/yellow to ground, brown wire to red, and blue wire to black.

I think it must be either the frequency (Hz) or the voltage 230 vs 220 that the aft unit is sensitive to, while the saloon and forward units are not.  I do not yet see an adjustment I can make to address the issue. Of the aft unit tripping the circuit breaker after a few minutes of running.


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