Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Change forestay on Santorin

Craig Briggs

Hi Antonio,
OK, so you did remove the turnbuckle. Good. And I can see you drilled out the 8 rivets.
When you say "When I tried to remove I removed turnbuckle rivets and all stop the way." do you mean you removed the turnbuckle AND the rivets and could not get the cable out? Mama Mia! I think that is where we started :-)

Question 1: Is the problem that you cannot get the extrusion out of the socket?
Or, Question 2:  can you get the extrusion out of the socket but you cannot get the cable out?

If you have the extrusion out, then just pull harder on the cable and jerk it some.  It may be that the bushing is jammed down and if you pull really hard and jerk it the stud bolt should pull the bushing out.

At this point I would not cut the cable because you need the stud bolt attached to get the bushing out as you remove the cable.  If you cut the cable you will have to use some sort of pipe or rod to push out the bushing from the bottom.

Let me know the answers to my two questions above.

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Hi Craig,
Thank you for your help, in the picture you can see the turnbuckle on the forestay BUT only because I reinstall after trying to remove the forestay. 
When I tried to remove I removed turnbuckle rivets and all stop the way.

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