Re: AC Compressor Death...

We bought a Marine Air (Airrr) in 2014.  In winter, it can reverse its pump and provide heat.  The plate reads:

VTD12KZ-410A 230V/60/1
208-230V 60Hz 1 Phase
Elec Data Above Based on 230V/60Hz
BTU Derated a 200V/50Hz - 220 Max
Max fuse 15A Min Fuse 11A

The manufacturer ceased to warranty for 50/60 Hz dual use about 5 years ago, we understand.

We used it for a year in the US/Canada at 60 Hz when at dock and at 50 Hz when on generator and then we have used it for a year in Europe at 50 Hz.

We purchased the 12,000 BTU unit because it cost only $56 more but recommend the 10,000 BTU unit because the one we got, with the fan at minimum (which is the only way we run it), produces more airflow than we need or want, and we are very sensitive to any sort of noise on Peregrinus.


SM2K Nr. 350
At anchor, Antibes

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