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Did you run additional wire and install a swith for the strobe light on top of the mast? Where did you install strobe switch?

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I only use the strobe if a ship is bearing down on me and they do not answer the VHF after many attempts.

I just want to talk to the bridge and advise them of my evasive action.

I do not want them to wake up an see me and change course and run into me.


If all else fails I have once used a white hand held collision flare. (it’s a long story).

That flare is incredibly bright.

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Installed the Aqua Signal Series 34 LED Masthead Tri/Anchor Light today. Quite bright too and with a 2 year guarantee (whatever that is tsk tsk) . Surprise!!! it is NOT made in China, manufactured by Aqua Signal Teterow GmbH & Co, Germany. Eric, yes I am sure there was a strobe option. I don't like them, I find the flashing annoying.


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