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Please provide the model of your new bilge pump. Jubsco makes several different models of bilge pumps.

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I put in a Jabsco pump after several failures of the original in the first few years I owned SM 243.  It has been working great for 5 years now.  I took it apart to prophylactically change the valves before leaving on my Jacksonville FL to Bonaire passage(stop in Puerto Rico), and everything looked as new.

The pump is mounted where the original one was, on a new shelf. It is more power efficient, pumps more water, and parts can be procured almost anywhere at a reasonable price.  They make several models that would work on our boats.
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I used my last AMFA rebuild kit so now have two non functioning bilge pumps.  Can anyone recommend a source for rebuild kits or nitrol diaphragms?  Or can anyone recommend a replacement pump in the event kits are not available?

Ben Driver

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