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Be sure the part comes with a gasket. I have seen replacement elements shipped without a gasket. The old gasket will be deformed.

Also, I believe that the heating element is somewhat universal in size. If you are in the EU, you might compare the element in your Isotherm to universal replacements available in marine stores and plumbing stores. When I was hauled in Malta, the yard found an element for 60 euro. I had to make a gasket by cutting one out of gasket material, but it works fine.

My experience is that the element will have a life of 6-10 years.

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Hi Drew,

They're up in Massachusetts - Great Water, Inc..Web site is or just google isotemp.
They're very helpful and can ship quickly.
If you're looking for a wonderful spot in NYC try the Harlem Yacht Club on City Island ("the Cape Cod of the Bronx") - tell 'em I sent you. They'll be happy to receive your shipment and hold it for you.
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Does anyone have a source for a replacement heating element and gasket?
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