Re: Dessalator Water Maker Logic Board

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Bill & Judy:

Sorry that your circuit board quit working. I would be curious about the
details, i.e. what LEDs were lit when it quit?, was the green LED on the
circuit board on after the failure?, did the high pressure pump trip off,
did the diversion valve energize?, did the low pressure pump keep
running?, etc.

Do you still have the old board? Any chance you would send it to me
for analysis.

Is the replacement board the same board or a newer version?
Any chance the new board actually works as advertised as far as
dirverting salt water or is it still the sham hookup that came
stock from Dessalator? I have considered designing a board that
would interface to a real salinity sensor and retrofitting it to my
system. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Gary Silver

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Has anyone experienced a failure of the circuit board in the
Dessalator water maker?

Our 160 liter water maker cut off while making water and would not
restart. We checked everything, breakers, fuses on the logic board,
etc. We had it serviced by Electec in St. Martin.

It required the replacement of the logic board...about $450.

Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v Security SM2 #387

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