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Wher did you install rotary switch? Is it possible to wire it without rotary switch but use one more tuggle switch for the strobe?

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Hi Eric,

The light is the OGM (Orca Green Marine) LXTA-SP and they use 3 conductors. A shared negative then one positive for Tricolor, a second positive for Anchor, and both positives for strobe. There's a rotary selection switch at the control panel and little circuit board in the mast head unit that sorts it out. Bottom line is you only need the 3-conductor wire up the mast.  More in my original post #24890 and associated.
Amazing intensity, by the way.
Craig, SN#68 Sangaris

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Hi Craig,

How do you switch on the strobe without a dedicated wire to the strobe? My aquasignal has 4 connections. Ground, tricolor, anchor light, and strobe.

Fair Winds


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See post #24890 about this - you do not need an additional wire for the strobe.


Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris

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Did you run additional wire and install a swith for the strobe light on top of the mast? Where did you install strobe switch?


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