Re: Butane and propane systems


I purchased propane regulators from a local propane supplier in the
USA. The regulators are attached via a hose adaptor. I cut the rubber
hose supplying the existing butane regulators, inserted the propane
regulator into the cut end of the "butane" hose and secured it with
two hose clamps. This very simply solved all of the "thread" matching
problems of US versus European hose ends!
I replaced both of the Amel supplied regulators but I see no reason
why you could not modify just one regulator. Then you just have to
find a propane tank that will fit in the same space as the butane
tank. I don't have the butane tanks any longer but I expect a ten
pound propane tank will fit in the same space as a 5 kilo butane
tank. According to the stove manufacturer for the Super Maramu, the
top stove burners required no modification between propane or butane
use but the air tube for the oven burner required a simple
Ed Steele
SV DoodleBug (SM#331)

--- In, "gwollenberg" <gary@...>

I have just arrived in St Martin from Europe. My Amel 54 has the
system. However, St Martine is propane. Has anybody set up a system
that you can set up a propane system and butane system that you can
switch between systems??

Thank you,
Gary Wollenberg,
Vessel "Bozo Cinq"

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