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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

Try this search:
momentary SPST square button
then pick the one that matches the size.

I’ll disagree with Vladimir, I am almost certain that what you want is a normally open switch.  The engine is stopped by activating a fuel shut off solenoid.  But check to be sure…  one of us is right!

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On May 28, 2016, at 09:32, Vladimir Sonsev sonsev52@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

You can find the switch online or in electronic store. Some marine supplies
or auto parts store can have that. I belive it must be normally closed
switch. Check the switch and see if there amps rating. There is no problem
to use greater amp raiting switch. Those switches are commercial product.
On May 28, 2016 9:17 AM, "Siviero Attilio attilio.siviero@...
[amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> over the years the engine of my Amel Santorin #84-1993, Sisila, suffered
> always for the same inexplicable defect, which was essentially the
> difficulty to switch it off.
> After various experts attempts to find the problem, the last electrician,
> in Rhodes, realized that the problem is simply the stop-button at the
> engine panel.
> The fact is that apparently it works if the button is pushed only half
> way, not to the bottom. That is why it worked sometimes, when casually I
> pushed less, tired to push for minutes in the attempt to switch off the
> engine.
> The electrician suggests to put an external button, since Perkins does not
> provide only part of the panel, but the whole panel as replacement of the
> original, which is ok for the rest, connecting the cables from the old
> button to the new one, any brand.
> Does anybody knows if somewhere there is the possibility to have only
> parts of the panel, instead to replace the whole panel, or is there any
> other alternative?
> I saw other Santorin with same defect, some of them have an “emergency
> cord” inside the engine room, by which they pull something in the engine,
> to stop fuel flux, but the mechanic said that is not possible in my engine.
> Any suggestion?
> *Attilio & Maria Siviero*
> *Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"*

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