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Peter Buckley

Hi Kent,
Thanks for the tip. I will go and have another go at getting it apart. It is nice to be able to push the button to furl the genoa but there is always a trade off in life.
I will post some images when I get it apart.
Thanks again
Mango #70

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Hi Peter,
I had a similar issue on SM243.  After loosening the back stays, I couldn't quite get the turnbuckle started when reassembling.  I made a yoke that went under the bow and used a halyard to pull the mast forward enough to get it started.  I may have been able to do it with some help, but by myself that's the only way I could figure out how to get it all back together.
SM 243

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Hi all,
I have to service the genoa furler on my Mango #70 and I am having difficulty getting the tension off the forestay. I have released pressure on the mizzen back stays and the main mast backstay but there still seems to be too much tension on the forestay to remove the pin. I have removed the 8 x 6mm blind rivets and the furling foil is free and tied up with the halyard.
Is there something I am missing in my procedure? I have read Craig's instructions from SV Sangaris and feel the tension on the forestay may make reassembly difficult.
Any help would be great.

Mango #70
Raymond Island

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