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I may be wrong, but I think that you have two options that you may not have considered:

Buy a new gypsy from Lofrans to match the 31mm pitch...I think that Lofrans makes 3 different 10mm gypsies. They are around $200 each.

Or buy US chain that has a 30mm is available.

Or, buy thw chain that you are looking at with 31mm pitch. Try it. If you don't like the way it works in the gypsy, then buy a Lofrans 31mm pitch gypsy.

Either of those are viable options.

One other remark about new chain: Whenever you install new galvanized chain, it will not begin to run smoothly through the gypsy until it has passed through the gypsy about 10-15 times. The reason ia that there will be small chips of zinc breaking off the chain as it passes through the gypsy. This is my experience and others that I have talked with about new chain.

BTW, I am fairly certain that most Americans don't realize the difference in pitch that is available in 10mm (3/8") chain. Most just buy what us available and if it is off by 1 or 2mm it just skips a little in the gypsy.

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Bill, thanks for your email and for good information.

That problem was discussed before, but I could not find the conclusion for this discusion.
I hope that someone already tried that. It is less expensive to buy US chain.

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Be careful, your gypsy is cut for a pitch of 30mm and the chain you are looking at has probably a pitch of 31mm. Pitch is the measurement of the inside of the length of a link.

American chain is made mainly to ISO G30 and G43 standards with longer links that may not fit European gypsies. I believe that Lofrans makes a gypsy for 10mm (3/8") that has a 31 pitch.

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Hi Gary,

I want to buy 3/8 " G4 ACCO chain. I have original P 30 gypsy. Is it going to work? Did it work for you?

Vladimir Sonsev
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