Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Salt Water in Bilge in hallway next to fwd head.


Eric has a Santorin, not sure of hull number.  No air conditioners, so most likely the bow thruster.  There are some good instructions on how to tweak the tension on the cable, I think in the files section.  I found that if I use a sealant around the lip seal, and pack the seal with waterproof grease, it lasts a lot longer.

Other possibilities are chain wash pump connections, and chain locker drain connections or valve.

Those with Air Conditioning could have a leak in the cooling pump system.  Anything that leaks forward of the bulkhead will accumulate there.

Where are y'all now?  Still on the Chesapeake?
Currently Bonaire 

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but.

Why is there salt water accumulating in the bilge area in front of my, i just replaced the bow thruster seals these are brand new.

Any other ideas?  Bow locker?

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