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Several years ago I bought a spare Actuator, Governor fir the Onan because I believe the only way to check if you have a problem is to replace it. If you were here, well you know!.

Also, when we were at Sounion, Greece (the tip of the peninsula from Athens, anchored below Poseidon's temple) I took a bus toward Athens and got off of the bus about 300 meters from an Onan dealer. BTW, I used my handheld GPS to know when to get off the bus. I did not have a Greek SIM in my iPhone.

The part number for my MDKAV is 151-0779-01 Actuator, Governor

Here is all of the information you will need:

Onan Cummins parts Greece:
Eneq Limited
49 Geroulanou Street
17455 Alimos
Tel: (30) 210 9886621
Fax: (30) 210 9885829

I hope this helps you.

Good Luck

Bill Rouse
BeBe Amel 53 #387
Carriacou, Grenada
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Hi all,     
           My 7 KW Onan, reliable for 16 years with about 5,000 hours on it, has developed a fault with ( we think) the speed control. This is the part of the engine which governs the amount of fuel needed to maintain 1500 revs. As more load comes on, more fuel is released.

We noticed the problem when the engine note dipped significantly when more load was added and the exhaust spewed out black globs of half burnt fuel.

However, when the mechanic ( a good one, though not an Onan man ) pulled the speed control off the engine he could find nothing wrong. On reassembly, the Genset worked perfectly for another 10 hours or so but has now gone wrong again.

2 questions :
1 . Has anyone any suggestions as to how to fix this  ?
2  Can anyone recommend a good Onan mechanic based in the Ionian ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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