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The short answer is NO.

The not so short answer is EARTH IS NOT AMEL BONDING.

For a precise answer you need to consult with an electrician familiar with Amel bonding and that Sterling charger. And, just because the charger manufacturer says do something, does NOT mean that it will be the right answer.

Be absolutely sure that the electrician is familiar with Amel bonding!

If you do the wrong thing the consequences will not be apparent for a year or more. Doing the wrong thing can cause electrolysis.

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Good afternoon everybody.

 I replaced the old battery charger TECSUP with a more powerful Sterling. This has a screw on the casing wich I believe will serve to be connected to the earth of the boat.  What should I do? Put a wire to be connected at any point of the bonding system, it is correct? 

And what problems there might be unless I connect it?

Thanks for your help. Enio

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