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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

A rather good description of why floating grounds are important, how they are different than bonding systems, and why the two should never meet can be found here:

If you can’t find an electrician who is “Amel savvy”, find one who is used to working on boats with aluminum hulls.  They have similar systems with the DC ground totally isolated from the hull. Unfortunately, those can be as hard to find in the US as ones with Amel knowledge.

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Hi Kent, thanks for the warning. I have now installed the Sterling charger (without inverter) and without connection to the bonding system. But even so, when the charger is working, I find voltage (2.8V) between the engine block and the generator which is connected to its own battery, but loaded by the same Sterling. If the Sterling is off everything is ok. Mystery!!!!!

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