Dessalator 160 causes generator to shutdown but no breakers thro

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There are only so many things that will kill the MDKAV without tripping a breaker.  To me, it sounds like the high pressure Dessalator pump is competing with the Onan for water flow.  You can test this by pulling the wires off the pressure sensor in the Onan hose leaving the impeller pump.  You should be able to feel the pressure in the hose.  See what it's like when the Onan is running normally and then have someone turn on the watermaker while you are squeezing the outflow hose of the Onan with the pressure transducer disconnected.
If this is the problem, then I'd first look at the impeller of the Onan.  It might be missing blades and therefore pumping less AND having less flow because the missing blades are plugging the heat exchanger.
If the water flow is abnormal, check back to the sea water intake.  Barnacles can grow there.
If the Onan is able to handle high amp loads from the AC, dishwasher, tea kettle, etc., it should be able to support the watermaker.  Typically, we're pulling 14-16A (we monitor VAC, Amps, Watts, and Hz with a small in-line LED meter.  If you don't have one, look on the web site and get one...  It's an invaluable tool.
Good Luck!
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