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This is the connection that Alan refers to on the Amel installed Calpeda BCM20E pump:
  1. You know the Amel bonding system is connected to the Calpeda pump housing by the hose clamp around the exit pipe...right?
  2. Open the wiring box on top of the Calpeda pump and you will see that 230VAC Earth is connected to the pump housing.
All things are not perfect, but perfection is attempted.

However, I think that you and others have replaced the Calpeda pump with a March/May magnetic drive pump which will eliminate this issue because the magnetic drive is not electrically bonded to the 230VAC motor (I think) and the magnetic drive can be connected to the Amel bonding without a connection to Earth.

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Hi Alan,

I am not on Kimberlite.

Could you Email me a photo of that connection?

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Yes all good..>EXCEPT..there is a connection between the AC ground and the bonding circuit, in my boat at least and that is due to the 220VAC saltwater pump for the air conditioning...there the AC ground is connected to the "saltwater" ground or bonding.....



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