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Kent Robertson

I agree with Alan.  There is theory and there is practice.  I check my bonding system regularly, and all those connections held in place with SS hose clamps have zero resistance.

On another note.  If I have become synonymous with all things Amel electrical, it is a misnomer.  While I am flattered to be the subject of any thread on this forum, I think that the thread should be titled "Bonding System".  That, too could be misleading, as it might be construed to reflect how I feel about all of you other Amel owners, sailors, explorers, and good folks who share these common bonds.  But I think it is clearer than "Kent!!!".

"Currently Bonaire "

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Every bonding connection in my Super Maramu is made with stainless clamps, except the bolt on connections to the copper strap in the sump and the connection to the rudder, and some pump frames that have a bonding terminal.

I think that article whilst very good in some respects (eg house electricians!) has also some not quite correct information in it.
This SS clamp thing for example, he says it won't work, but it does. The story about batteries discharging when left on a concrete floor, I think that has been debunked quite a few times.
Take everything with a grain of salt, use common sense, and above all on these boats don't change it until you have really thought it through, there's a reason it is the way it is...maybe we just haven;t worked out what it is yet.
Cheers from Fiji
Elyse SM437

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