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That Onan generator will purposely shutdown under about 12 conditions if the computer senses a shutdown condition. It could also be a bad computer.

Be sure to check or replace the two condensers on the High Pressure pump motor.

And be sure to check for a shutdown code after the next shutdown. Read the manual.

The light on the rocker is the light that blinks after shutdown. This is assuming you have the same model Onan as BeBe...your hull number is close enough to assume that.

Good luck.

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Thanks Bill.  I will check out those condensers.  I just don't know how generator can shut down without throwing a breaker?

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OK, you know how difficult it is to diagnose something by email, but, I will risk being wrong:
Your problem is centered around the High Pressure pump motor. I am going to guess that the pair of condensers on top of that motor are either bad or there is a short in the wiring there.

I saw the exact symptoms on another 160L SM. The guy had recently changed the condensers and wired them wrong. I assume that you have not changed anything so I assume either bad condensers or a short. Of course you could have an electric motor problem, but check out the condensers.

Floow this link for additional info:

Let me know if this helps.

BeBe 387

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Dessalator 160 causes generator to shutdown but no breakers thrown.  I can run all - 3 airs, charger, washer - simultaneity.  But when Dessalator is turned on generator shuts down.  No breakers on inside panel or on generator are thrown; generator just shuts down. I can restart immediately but as soon as Dessalator is started it shuts down again.  

I tried turning all off including charger and turning Dessalator alone on but same thing.  Specifically, when I turn on unit low pressure pump starts up and pressure gauge is in green.. It runs for a few seconds until high pressure pump starts which immediately causes generator to shut down.  I never touch the high pressure control knob which is turned all the way counterclockwise so there should be no pressure.  

It seems as no breakers are thrown on either generator or Dessalator, this must be water flow rela ted.  That is, not enough flow for both generator and Dessalator .  By the way, system has new high pressure hoses and membranes and worked well during first use after new membranes filling tank with good water just last week. However it did shut down once for no apparent reason on initial use. 

I could use some team help.


Ben Driver

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