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Yes, I forgot the aftermost engine component was not the
transmission, but the shaft generator, which I believe was standard
equipment. Have you found a way to wedge yourself under the forward
cockpit lip on either/both of the port or starboard sides so that
you can inspect/repair from the side, or do you end up leaning over
the engine to service items mounted on the front of the engine?

BTW, the boat I inspected is not mine, my wife and I are prospective
purchasers. A fellow south Floridian was kind enough to show us his.


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The bilge sump is unaccessable by human hand. You would have to
use a magnet , hook or some type of grabber tool that mechanics use.
The placement of your engine is the same as on my 1981 Maramu. Do
you have a propeller shaft generator between the trans and shaft
seal as does mine? Bill Klein, SV POPEYE
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I inspected a 1985 Maramu today and was extremely impressed with
almost every aspect of the design and construction. The one
that troubles me is access to the front of the engine and access
the deep bilge. I am 6'1" 210 lbs and could only reach the front
mounted alternator and pumps by bear hugging the engine (not a
prospect on a hot engine). There seemed to be no way I could
into the bilge.

Is there a trick I am missing or do you just have to be smaller
frame to get to the front of the engine? Also, how to you remove
dropped item from the bilge or change the bilge pump and/or

I also noticed that there was maybe 8"-10" of shaft between the
transmission and shaft seal and the engine bedding looked it
10" aft. Seems unlikely, but I was wondering if this sounds
or if the (original) engine could have been mounted unusually

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