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ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi Gary, Only now seen your Onan enquiry. I have had my valve lash serviced twice, once in St Maarten by a very nice Dutch lad who was the Onan agent. He said only one needed adjustment but that he slackened off the drive belt a little as he said they are often fitted slightly over tight by the factory.
The second time I had it done was by a competent but non-Onan engineer in Brazil.Having seen both guys at work it looks a pretty elememtary job. I cant remember what I paid but it was not a long job and the cost was inconsequential.

On another tack, my D 60 membranes have now done 1500 hours. Having wrtitten them off a few weeks ago, while I was waiting for replacements to arrive I cleaned the old ones with acid and alkali and they are now producing 40 lph at about 700-850 TDS in water temp of between 6 and 10 Centigrade . The only drawback is that it sometimes takes about 10 minutes for the TDS level to come down to something acceptable. What I draw from this is that membranes are pretty rugged bits of kit.
I couldnt agree more with you that you only need three switches and a TDS meterto run a watermaker.What all the other things are remons a complete mystery.
Fair winds, Ian and Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen, SM 302, Ushuaia.

From: amelliahona <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Onan Genset Routine Service ??s
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 15:53:11 -0000

10 Feb 2007

Hello everyone:
Some time ago I purchased a copy of the Onan MDKAL (the genset
Liahona (2001 SM hull # 335), operator's manual and Parts Catalog.

Page 16 of the Operator's Manual shows a table entitled "Periodic
Maintenance Schedule". I have two questions:

1. At 800 hrs it indicates to adjust the valve lash and says this
must be performed by an authorize Onan Dealer. Has anybody
had this done, and if so what where the cost and time requirements?

2. At every 5 year interval the generator bearing should be
replaced. Again the indication is that this must be done by an
authorized Onan Dealer. Again, anybody had this done?
If so please post your experiences.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Silver

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