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Turns out I had two very poor quality repair  kits.  Neither one had mating S for water side of diaphragm .  I  ordered two new from Amel.  

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The most common cause of a failure of the Marina pumps is not the diaphragm or the flapper valves. It is caused because the hose gets old and hard and does not seal well on the pump. If that hose has never been replaced, replace it and use 2 hose clamps and some silicone grease inside the hose.

The second probable cause is that there are some inferior after-market repair kits out there. They will not last long. Get your kit from SAV"at"

The third probable cause is that the diaphragm should only be placed on the pump with the 
"water" side facing the water. When opening a new kit, be sure not to accidentally remove the water-side label.

Let me know if any of these suggestions help you.


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I used my last AMFA rebuild kit so now have two non functioning bilge pumps.  Can anyone recommend a source for rebuild kits or nitrol diaphragms?  Or can anyone recommend a replacement pump in the event kits are not available?

Ben Driver

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