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Hi Alex,
I guess I'm unclear about this change.  The outside diameter remains at 42mm, while the inside diameter is smaller.  Why is it harder to install the seal?  It seems to me it would be harder to get the shaft through the seal???  Do you install the seal on the shaft first, then into its seat in the hull?  I've always installed it into the hull first, then brought the shaft up through it.

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Interesting change on the seal size for the bow thruster…

2 weeks ago, I received many spare parts from Amel (La Rochelle), as I was labelling them I noted that the seal on the tufnol shaft bow thruster was 29 x 42 x 8.

Thinking it was an error, I contacted Maud which just confirm that they have modified a little the diameters of the seal so that they are more water tight.
Before it was 30 x 42 x 8 now it is 29 x 42 x 8 she added you won’t be able to put them by hand, but will need to grease and use a tool “emporte piece” in french (I personally used PVC pipe).

Glad to see they keep improving their system: the seal, then previous as Bill mention the oil viscosity, etc.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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