Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: correct installation of a new charger

Olivier Beaute

Hello Enio,

first connect the batteries cables to the charger (12V positive and negative). Then connect the 230V charger's cable (230V LIVE, NEUTRAL and EARTH) to the dedicated breaker at the 230V panel in galley.
Check that the charger works (look at the battery monitor for volts and amps).
While the charger is charging, check that the charger's body is connected to the AC earth (measure the resistance which should be 0.0 ohm). If the resistance is high or infinite, you should connect the charger's body to the AC earth.
Then, check the DC voltage between the batteries negative and the charger's body, then between the batteries positive and the charger's body. Both should be 0 volt. If you find a voltage there, don't install this charger.

Have a good day.

On Friday, June 3, 2016 2:34 PM, "rossienio@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Hello Olivier and all. Thank you for your answer. My boat is the Santorin no.122.The new charger is Sterling pro-charge N. This replaces the original TECSUP of AMEL. I do not know if this new charger should have the carcass to the ground connection, or not. And if so where I would connect the ground screw?? Sorry, but I do not remember if and where it was connected the TECSUP.Regards.

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