Insurance values and SM2000 Yanmar engine access

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Ian and Judy,
Noone else came back on insurance values so I have left it at £265k
although I suspect this might be on the high side. The valation I got
a year ago was from Simon Turner of Berthon's Mallorca office when he
was giving me some advice on the value of my berth in Club de Mar
which I would like to sell. His address
I had a problem starting my engine whilst we were in Turkey last year
which was intermittent failure of the solenoid on the starboard (hard
to get at) side of the engine. I found a very competent mechanic who
found the problem but in the process found a lot of scale in the
seawater pipe from the big inlet filter. I had never cleaned out the
heat exchanger and was surprised to see that there are three of them.
The first one is for the hydraulic clutch and that was nearly blocked
with loose scale thus limiting the flow to the other two and the
water pump. Surprisingly the engine had not been overheating. The
next one is the main one and he removed that after pulling the
exhaust pipe forward to get it out. This made access to that side of
the engine very easy so he changed the impellor. The third unit is
just behind the turbo which it cools.
I should also mention that he found that the big rubber seal which
should be at the bottom of the filter was missing thus allowing small
stuff to bypass the filter. Noone but me had ever opened this filter
so I guess that it has always beeen like that! It is about three
inches in diameter so hard to overlook.
I have to say that I was glad that he did all that as it was quite a
big job although his bill for 1400 euros seemed impressive.
Did you get to meet my friend Robin Knox Johnson when he stopped for
repairs at Ushu??? a week ago?

Best wishes, Anne and John SM319

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