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Craig Briggs

Thanks, Will.  Those look identical to the Metalastik Cushyfloat mounts on my C drive. The HY150, being Vetus' load rating of 150kg, matches the Metalastic 45 rating. That is 150 kg for installations with no thrust forces, as is the case with our C drive, so my full spec, I'm now sure, is 17 1609 45, and they most certainly are interchangable with the Vetus brand.
Cheers, Craig, SN68 Sangaris, Ft Lauderdale

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On my SM they are Vetus HY150.

Anni Bea True
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Does anyone know the model number for the Metalastik Cushyfloat mounts on the C drive. I can just barely make out, I think, 17  1609, which is the medium Cushyfloat.  There is a further two digit number for the weight rating that I can not make out. It would be 45, 55, 65, or 75. I believe the same mount was used for SN's and SM's.


Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris

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