Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] installation of dive compressor + dive tanks position


Hi Alexandre,

Thanks a lot for your very extensive and precise report about the Bauer install (and all of the reports about Nikimat ;-).   I'm currently making it following your useful pictures and drawings.

Please, would you mind to help me to clarify an additional point regarding the dive tanks :
- the picture let see on the stern part of the lazarette  a custom box for the tanks and I intended to make something similar. Unfortunately when I take measurements, the maximum height here is 57 cm. A 12l short design tank measure 65 cm with "hose". 
- is it possible for you or an other member to tell me which tank you're used to install here and perhaps give more details about the fixing systems they use.

King regards

ScentStone SM2K # 

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